The Calusa Herpetological Society

Of Southwest Florida


2001 National Breeders Expo, Daytona, Florida


Rob, Alec and Robert
Captive Bred Snakes

Rick and Becky Trenney
Renegade Reptiles

Matt, Cindi, and Scotty

Bill and Kathy Love


Gut load Good!
Too Much,
Makes you sleepy!

Steve, Virginia and Devin!

Carl and Janet Fuhri
Dragon's Glade

Sweet Igwana!

Sherry and that guy
that was in that movie last year!

Chris and Shelia 
Gulf Coast Reptiles


Sherry, Dave and Blanche!
They Rock!

Jim Keenan
Jerry Lee Gingerich , DVM
Home Grown Herps

2004 National Reptile Breeders Expo

Glades Herp Inc

Chris Clark
Solona Serpentarium

4H Rooster Boy
Cross breeding experiment!

Glades had a very busy corner
of the expo!

Kim and Mark Bell
Reptile Industries Inc.

Last years Expo's breeding experiment results!

Pres. of the Calusa Herp Society
RobRoy MacInnes

Burgandy Reptile Traders

RobRoy, Ray and Donald making money for the Boss!

Ray and Donald Goofin' Off at RobRoy's expense!

Mark O'Shea Signing Pictures.
Please don't call his TV series:

"Excellent Experience"
Like one drunk guy did!
Okay it was me! Oops!

Mark O'Shea
O'Shea's Big Adventure


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