The Calusa Herpetological Society
Of Southwest Florida


Creepy Crawlie Fair 2004

5th Annual Creepy Crawlie Fair

Calusa Nature Center & Planetarium, Ft. Myers

Saturday / January 24 th. , 2004


This years Creepy Crawlie Fair at The Calusa Nature Center was extremely successful. Instead of just having table or two we were given the entire Iona House, and we filled every bit of it !

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The CHS members really stepped up and were out in full force. They not only volunteered their time but they brought their best animals out too.


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Ray Naylor had his 10 foot / 45 lb. Albino Burmese Python to help raise some revenue by allowing people to have pictures taken with the snake.


Other members showed their animals off and answered questions with hopes to spark some club interest, they were...

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Joel Gales and Stephanie Edwards with their Cornsnsakes and Bullsnakes


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Pattie Haryn brought out her frogs

Chris and Nicole and their turtles / Wood Turtle and Spotted Turtle
Vickie Burnett and son Austin - Leopard Geckos 
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Kathy Love - Corn snakes
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Denise Tomlinson joined use after she did her Bat presentation in the nature centers planetarium.
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And I brought out a few Bullsnakes, Gophersnakes and Kingsnakes.
To kick things up a notch this year we were able to bring some venomous too !
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Jessica Upton - Desert Horned Viper
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Steve Masek - Albino Monocle Cobra
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Ray Naylor - West African Green Mamba and Indian Cobra
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Jim Keenan - Red Diamondback Rattlesnake, Timber Rattlesnake, Mexican West coast Rattlesnake and Rhino Viper
I would also like to recognize and thank the following members for coming out and volunteered their time to help promote the club;
Jeff Kantor, Virginia Burford, Matt Salmon, Toni Vigneri, Jim Keenan Sr.
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And Anna Strate who raised $98.00 with the BALLOON GAME !

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In addition to raising $174.00 for The Calusa Herpetological Society from selling CHS T-Shirts and memberships, we logged over 140 volunteer hours towards our obligation to the Calusa Nature Center.

All in all it was a great day, the weather was perfect and the crowd was even better. Thank you again to everyone who participated.


Please help support the Calusa Nature Center. All CHS members receive $1.00 off admission price ( with CHS membership card).

The nature center has a wonderful reptile display.

The W.Scott Bazemore Memorial

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Please check the CHS newsletter (The Calusa Rattler)  and CHS website for future events. For the first time CHS will also have tables at the following reptile shows;
Florida International Reptile Show-Tampa March 13 & 14
North Florida Reptile Expo-Tallahassee April 3 & 4
F.I.R.E Expo-Orlando July 10 & 11
Florida International Reptile Show-Tampa October 30 & 31

We are asking all Calusa Herp Society members to volunteer some of their time / resources to these events. This is your chance to help spread our message, show our accomplishments, introduce our 'weird' hobby to the public, show off our COOL pets, and build membership.

Here are some ways YOU can help support YOUR herp society :

Help man our tables to assist passersby take pics with our animals (to raise money for the CHS), even if for just part of the day.

Help answer the public's questions about an area in which YOU are the expert.
Spread the word about the Calusa Herp Society and help recruit new members.
Bring one or two of your biggest, most impressive herps to put on display.  Bring a cage that lets it   be on display when you're not holding it.  Bring a small sign telling what it is, so the public can read it if we're all busy. 

Please contact exhibit coordinators at:

Jim at



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