Calusa Herpetological Society 2009 Annual Christmas Party (Pictures below)


The party this season was hosted by Bill & Kathy Love in Alva, Florida on Saturday, Dec. 19th.  About 65 people attended.  Two bands -- Milhouse and The Blacklist -- provided live music, and Jarvis Jolly was the master barbeque chef.  The auction raised about $700; thanks to everyone who generously donated items and helped manage the party festivities, including:

Ty Park / Lasco:   2 male boa constrictors, 4 juvenile leopard geckos, B&W tegu, adult Knight's anole

Toni Vigneri:  male sulcata tortoise, 3 - 2ft Desert 7% UVB bulbs, 2 - 10-gal aquariums with screen lids & wrought iron stand.

Tom Crutchfield Reptiles:  $250 gift certificate to his company

Shane Johnson:  golden gecko with plastic critter keeper cage

Kathy & Bill Love / CornUtopia:  2 adult male ball pythons

Joe Rollo:  male ball python

Jerry Gingerich:  book - Florida's Fabulous Mammals (& event photographer)

Gino & Ellen Sassani / Lost World Reptiles:  CR 2-year-old old white-sided black rat snake

Eric Russell & ZooMed:  2 XL ZooMed t-shirts, CB crested gecko, med ZooMed t-shirt, basket of misc. toys

Daniel & Lisa Parker / Sunshine Serpents:  The Blacklist music CD & t-shirt

Chris Lechowicz:  turtle dock for aquarium

Bill Murray / Redfoot Ranch:  CB baby redfoot tortoise

Art de Lamerens:  2 - "just hours old" hatchling yellow foot tortoises


Some pictures of the fun that day. . . . .


"Redneck Horseshoes" being tossed by Dasha.  Hey, what kind of horseshoes are those anyway?


Kailee about to get dunked in the pool.   (It didn't happen.)


"Kill that turtle pinata!"


Combined Milhouse and The Blacklist band members, L - R:  Juancho, Shane, Lisa, Daniel, Chris, and Anthony.


Auction:  Eric Russell, Bill Love and Tom Crutchfield presided over this event.


Bill Love thanks everyone who took a tour of his new ReptileRally nature trails and posed for publicity pictures showing all the cool herps it'll be possible to see out there at times.

Calusa Herpetological Society, P.O. BOX 602, Sanibel, Florida  33957  TEL: (239) 728-2390 (< Kathy Love)